Back in 2012, Mat found many of his bags broke because he overfilled them or loaded them with sharp edged objects, like skis or snowboards. Even while at university he found many bags broke because they were knocked or caught on sharp corners. Frustrated with having to buy a new bag every year, Mat decided to design his own.

After graduating, he started experimenting with a few different salvaged materials back at the family farm in Somerset including a discarded lorry tarpaulin. He bought a sewing machine, scissors and 2 meter ruler but before too long realised he couldn't sew. One month later he was working with two local sewing experts on his first production run

Four years later, Mat maintains his manufacturing in the UK and works with the some of the finest creative minds around to take M-24 to the next level. M-24 has upcycled over 10 tonnes of lorry tarpaulins and collaborates with the UK's largest haulage firms.  

Our aim is to design the best quality products at the best possible price. By removing the middlemen retailers we can invest more into what matters to you and us. Good products, made in the UK, which look awesome! "Seeing the look on people's faces when they realise what the material is and the history behind it, is something special."


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