We transform used truck tarpaulins and car seatbelts into durable bags and accessories. Every product we make is unique in appearance because of the huge variety of tarpaulins we salvage from around the UK. 


We believe in reusing materials with supreme properties, embracing UK manufacturing and harnessing the latest technology to deliver quality products with a history of a past life.


Designing functional, hardwearing, unique products isn't enough for us.

Our mission is to build products packed full of personality that endure the perils of the concrete jungles.

Our Material

Lorry tarpaulins are also known as lorry curtains and can spend up to 10 years strapped to the side of trucks, hurtling all across Europe delivering tonnes of cargo everyday. Just think how far the material has travelled. Thousands and thousands of miles! Yet this durable material is thrown away after use... We think it's crazy!


Made in the UK

Ok, ok... we're manufacturing geeks!

We eat, sleep, drink, jump, squeeze, break, fix, chew and live our supply chain.  

By keeping production on home soil, we can recycle our giant truck tarpaulins into bags within a matter of weeks not months. No brainer!

The Name

Sounds like a UK motorway huh? But you can't drive on this one because it doesn't exist.

 The hidden story is the founder Mat was 24 years old when he started the company back in 2012.

Hence M-24


Back in 2012, young product designer Mat Dusting found many of his bags broke because he overfilled them or loaded them with sharp edged objects, like skis or snowboards. Even while at university he found many bags ripped because they were knocked or caught on sharp corners. Frustrated with having to buy a new bag every year, he decided to design his own.

He bought a sewing machine, scissors and 2 meter ruler and soon realised he couldn't sew. One month later he started working with two local sewing experts and scrubbing tarpaulins by hand in the field. 

Later that year he showcased M-24 to the world at the national ski show in London where every product was sold. This was the moment when Mat knew M-24 could become something more.


Why we're different

Ready to learn something scary? 

Up to 80% of what you pay in a shop for a product has absolutely nothing to do with the product itself. Which makes you think...what are you actually paying for? 

We think this is crazy! And it's one of the main reasons why companies are forced to find cheap labour abroad in order to satisfy these middlemen margins. 

We believe by avoiding retailers we can invest more into the UK economy, create more jobs and create better products. This long-term view of manufacturing is the reason why we're here. Every pound/dollar/euro you spend on an M-24 bag goes towards all of these causes. 

Think differently, defy convention and invest in longevity. 

Our Vision











Over and out...

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