The ultimate holdall bag

May 18, 2015

The Oil-Drum Duffle

(3 years in the making)


It's taken 3 years, 17 prototypes and over 100 hours of development but we think we're nearly there...
When we started out making bags in the garden shed 3 years ago, we had no idea that our weekend duffle bag would be as popular as it has been. Over the years we've tweaked and swapped pieces to make it a great all-round holdall bag for weekend adventures.
The ultimate duffle bag

 Designed to be hauled through the London underground or a 1st class flight to the Caribbean it can basically go anywhere while still look the part. Being made from recycled lorry tarpaulin certainly has it's benefits but also makes quite an interesting conversation topic while going through airport security. We love seeing the expression on security guards faces while they try to work out what the hell we're talking about...
If you're looking for a weekend holdall that:
1. Looks cool
2. Lasts a life time
3. Water repellent
4. Made in the UK
5. Doesn't cost a fortune

Then look no further.