Here at M-24 all of our products are made from recycled lorry curtains, otherwise known as truck tarpaulin. This super tough material spends years on the side of lorries trekking around European motorways being battered by the weather, grit and who knows what else.

Each one of these mighty truck tarpaulins will spend between 5 - 10 years on the side of the lorry before being replaced. Unfortunately when the material is no longer needed, most of it ends up in landfill or burnt. 

We thought it'd be great if our customers could get a glimpse into how we transform this urban plastic into mega tough waterproof bags! Here goes:

1st - The Material

You probably drive past lorries thousands of times a year but next never given them a second look. We're constantly scanning the motorways for new and interesting truck tarps to recycle. The next time you pass a lorry you might look at it slightly differently. 

2nd - Cutting 

Just like a chef prepares his vegetables before cooking, we cut and trim all our tarps into big 8x4 sheets making them much easier to manage before they move onto the next stage. All the smaller components are recycled while all the webbing from the tarps is used for the handles on the bags. 

3rd -  Washing

Now as you can imagine these tarps aren’t exactly sparkling clean when they arrive. So once they’re sliced up into giant playing card sheets, they’re loaded into oversized industrial washing machines for a thorough clean. After the wash and a quick drip dry, the sheets are folded up and move onto the next stage.

4th - Stitching

Finally after a trim, wash and drip dry by the UK's first truck barber, the sheets are then cut into small precise patterns ready to be stitched into bags. Each bag pattern is carefully selected by our stitching experts here in UK to ensure the highest quality bag is formed. Each bag is as individual as the individual who uses it.