Q1: What material is the bag made from?

A: Recycled truck tarpaulin. The material comes from the side of lorries where it was once used to keep the weather out. It comes in different shapes, sizes and colour so no two of our bags are the same. 

Q2: When will you get new stock?

A: We aim to upload new designs once a month. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to be one of the first to see new stock. Warning, they go quick once the email is sent. 

Q3: Custom orders? 

A: In short - no. But if you want 100+ units we might be able to help. We're always interested to hear about a cool project, so drop us an email. 

Q4: How do I know what my bag will look like?

A: Each bag is individually uploaded. The bag you buy in the picture will be the one you receive. 

Q5: Can I exchange my bag?

A: If you think you might want something different after receiving your order, you can exchange your bag within 30 days providing the bag is in same condition as you received it. Send us an email and we'll let you know what to do. 

Q6: What's inside the bag?

A: Each product page should contain inside the bag images. 

Q7: Can I sell my lorry curtains to M-24? 

A: Yes! We collect lorry curtains from all over England and Wales. Please email us at: curtains[at]m-24.co.uk

Q8: Why should I sell my lorry curtains to M-24?

A: We collect from you. You will decrease disposal costs, earn some extra cash, prolong the life-cycle of the curtains and be more environmentally friendly.

Q9: The bags look dirty?

A: We clean all our products thoroughly through a multistage process. The marks left on the bags are embedded into the material and now apart of each bags individual character. Each mark and scrape has a story to tell...

Q10: My bag smells. Is that normal and what can I do?

A: Yes, our bags might smell a little in the beginning but after a bit of fresh air and light travel, the smell should go. If you want to turbo charge getting rid of the smell, then warm H20 and washing up liquid of your choice will do the trick. Leave it upside down to dry. Done.  

Q11: Do you make other products apart from bags?

A: We're constantly designing new products. But for now we're focusing on durable luggage products. 

Q12: I love your products. Can I get involved somehow? 

A: Awesome! Just send us a quick email about what you want to do: careers[at]m-24.co.uk