M-24 talks bizness with a z.

May 10, 2017

M-24 talks bizness with a z.

Starting a business is, for a lot of people, a dream come true. The chance to follow your passion and work for yourself. Giving your killer product/idea/cat website a platform for the world to see. You set the agenda, the hours and choose who you work with. The downside is it can all go horribly wrong horribly quickly so how do you know whether starting a business is the right thing for you?

M-24 story about upcycled truck tarpaulin bags

Two 3D design and craft students from the university of Brighton had similar questions whilst visiting M-24's Brighton store. And what started as an interest in M-24's products and story quickly turned into a conversation about starting a business. Realising their peers would be interested to hear what Mat had to say, a casual chat about upcycled messenger bags turned into organising an event for 2nd year design students at M-24's Brighton store.

2 weeks later and we crammed 30 students and projector into the store...

taking notes at M-24 business talk

Taking notes - essential.

Some of the students called it "the most inspiring talk I've ever been to" others said "where's the free beer?". So all in all a pretty successful evening.

If you're a student in the area and would like to organise something similar just get in touch with us at info@m-24.co.uk