Caught on camera!

November 02, 2018

Caught on camera!

The first time I saw someone wearing an M-24 bag in public was back in 2013, near the south bank centre on the river Thames, London. I rushed over to ask him where he got it. The guy was slightly surprised but happy to tell the story of M-24, and the Bristol shop he bought it from. I was stunned! People were actually buying the bags, wearing them and retelling segments of the story.

Recently this has prompted me to start documenting when, where and who is wearing them. Why? To better understand the type of people who are interested in M-24 and out of curiosity.


Have a look below:

 backpack at the station Duffle bag
m-24 backpack in  street m-24 bag getting on train
roll top backpack walking around a station. upcycled
truck tarp messenger bag truck tarpaulin backpack
upcycled backpack truck tarp messenger
roll top backpack duffle bag from truck tarp