Grab your summer by the balls - The Mongol Rally

January 12, 2017

Grab your summer by the balls - The Mongol Rally

15k feet high on the road to Mongolia

Find some mates, buy a "farcically small" car, drive to Mongolia. The rules for the Mongol Rally are that simple. Easy, right? WRONG. 

It's a 10,000 mile journey with no set route, no support team and a few deserts and mountain ranges standing in your way. Oh, and you're also raising money for charity so bought a car for £15 quid from the local scrap yard. Because 4x4s are for sissies.

And that's what makes the Mongol Rally the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. Our mate Rob took on the challenge. He said goodbye to tarmac, ABS and GPS systems that take you to the nearest florist, and hello to dirt roads, getting lost, getting into trouble and enjoying an adventure of a lifetime. Check out a few of his photos below. 

If you want to find out more about the challenge just click here. If you decide to "grab your summer by the balls" and want to take a few bags that will be as tough as the journey, get in touch with Let us know why you're tough enough to make it all the way.

Rob at one of the less busy parts of the Chinese border:

Rob on the Chinese border

Bertha (the car) and Sash (the person) on the Pamir highway at the Afghanistan and Tajikistan border:

Bertha on the Pamir highway at the Afghan Tajik border

The Large Duffle doing what it does best. Looking tough on a mountain road.The duffle. Thriving on the journey

Not the worse view to have whilst broken down:

Broken down at 12k feet

Re-fuel, Tajiki style:

Re-fuel, Tajiki style

Blue skies, balloons, and half-decent scenery. Sold.

Searching high and low for Mongolia...

not in here

Last but not least. Miles and miles and miles of trucks... aaaahhhh:

Miles of trucks