Jason cuts our seatbelt.... and we're ok with that

December 13, 2016

Jason Bradbury opens M-24's reclaimed truck tarpaulin store

December 4th 2016 will forever be a special date in M-24's calendar. 4 years ago Mat was scrubbing, cutting and stitching reclaimed truck tarpaulins by hand in a field in Somerset, usually in the rain. Ok, it wasn't that bad but you get the picture. Fast forward to Sunday, December 4th, the suns shining and we're at the opening of M-24's first brick and mortar store in the heart of Brighton. 

This is the perfect opportunity to thank all our friends, family, friendly strangers, and, of course, our customers for making this possible. We don't want to get too gushy but we really couldn't have done it with you! 

Check out the images below to see a few photos from the opening event. And if you find yourself in Brighton, make sure to pop by 15 Gardner street to say hello. We look forward to welcoming you into our new store.

Jason Bradbury opening M-24 in Brighton

Tech superstar and M-24 enthusiast Jason Bradbury joined us to cut the ribbon/seatbelt and officially open our store.

M-24's flagship store

Come in and grab your reclaimed truck tarpaulins

Peering into M-24's flagship store

Passers by peering in

truck tarpaulin ipad case and mince pies

Truck tarp ipad cases and mince pies - what a combo

reclaimed truck tarpaulin at M-24


got it!

Gotcha! A Brighton reveller stocking up on M-24 stash