A visit from one of our first ever bags

octubre 09, 2017

A visit from one of our first ever bags


When Mat first took his product to market at a ski show in 2012, he sold out. Skiers just like Mat were fed up of replacing the bags they hauled their gear around in after a season or two. One of those skiers - one of M-24’s very first customers - was Richard.

Five years later, and Richard is still using the very same bag he bought from Mat in 2012. Richard had used his bag every day since he bought it. As a result, some of the stitching was coming loose. Testament to Mat’s faith in even his earliest products he promised a lifetime guarantee to every customer at the ski show. And when Richard sent his bag to the shop in Brighton, Mat saw to it that the bag was repaired right away.

Having one of Mat’s first ever bags in the shop gave us a rare opportunity to see the Old vs the New. On the left, our latest backpack, the Rogue, and on the right, its 2012 predecessor.

Like the first generation iPod stood next to today’s, or the evolution of ape into man, the two bags look vastly improved yet undeniably similar.

Tarpaulin has always been the defining feature of our products. From our backpacks to our totes, wash bags, duffles and wallets. It’s our Vorsprung durch Technik. Substance before style, but never without the latter. That’s how we like to think we do things here.

The stitching that holds our bags together today is much improved from the stitching that kept Richard bag together for all 1,825 days of its use. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee with every single bag we sell. When we say our bags are as tough as nails, we really mean it.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that your M-24 bag will even outlive you.

Credit - Max White