Previous Pop-up Shops


July - October 2015
For 3 months we launched our flag ship pop-up store right in the heart of London.
 Embankment tube station played host to our truck tarpaulin creations.

Recycled truck tarpaulin bags pop-up shop Embankment

O L D    S T R E E T     S T A T I O N

November 2015
In the build up to Christmas we moved to one of the busiest terminals in east London.
Old Street tube station was the next station host to our individual products. 
Old Street station truck tarpaulin pop-up shop

F A R R I N G D O N     S T A T I O N

December 2015
We decided to finish the year in the creative centre of London - Farringdon & Clerkenwell. 
It only seemed right to locate to an area with some of the best creative talent in the capital. 
M-24 Farringdon pop-up shop

S A L C O M B E   |  D E V O N 

Summer 2013
Thanks to Will Bees Bespoke we were able to showcase our products at one of the
most popular seaside towns in Devon. At the back of an old boat repair workshop.
M-24 lorry tarpaulin bags Salcombe shop