Accidental eco warriors

abril 11, 2017

Accidental eco warriors

M-24 is proud to say that we fall into the category of "eco fashion brand". Our upcycled messenger bags, backpacks, and range of accessories are all made from material that would have ended up in landfill. (And unless you're a thinning blonde-haired American man with power beyond your intellect then you probably agree that waste is bad. Landfills are gonna be huge.)

upcycled messenger bag

One of our upcycled messenger bags in Barca

But, unlike most of our eco fashion counterparts, Mat didn't start his company in an effort to help improve the environment, save the planet or change humanity for the better. Nope, his goal was to make a bag that was tough, practical and trendy. Simple as that. He was basically fed-up of cheap bags that would last a year before the zip would break or come apart at the seems. He wanted to change that.

So when Mat saw discarded truck tarpaulin he didn't see an opportunity to reduce landfill or the pressure on our natural resources. Nope, our humble founder saw something that was being thrown away well before the end of it's natural lifetime. A material that was designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions on the planet whilst protecting everything it covered. What Mat saw was the perfect material to make his bags with. Reducing landfill and the use of high-resource raw materials was just (a huge) added bonus.

What we've ended up with is a perfect marriage between functionality and sustainability all wrapped up in a trendy and 100% unique package. Truck yeah!