Coming soon! An all new bag range!

abril 03, 2024

Coming soon! An all new bag range!

Yup, after a decade of repurposing used tarps into durable carry companions, we've given our bag range a full makeover. 

Behind the scenes. Over the past 12 months, we've been working hard behind the scenes to develop an entirely new style to take your carry experience to a new level. We've received tons of feedback over the years detailing what you like and don't like, and we're finally about to put these ideas into production. All our decision making revolves around making the best product and minimising our impact on the planet, every detail of our design process is examined, interrogated and refined. 

What's in Store? In short, we're making big improvements across the range and introducing two entirely new sizes. Expect to see plenty of attention to detail, hidden pockets, and modern shapes. We're releasing a new everyday backpack design in three sizes: an awesome backpack duffle for weekend adventures, a bomb-proof washbag, and a totally new messenger bag.  

When is this happening? We're still putting the finishing touches together, but all being well, we're planning to get the first batch ready for the July drop, so stay tuned. We're likely to offer a 24% discount for the early birds. 

Over and out.