Discovering Grünerløkka, Oslo

noviembre 13, 2017

Discovering Grünerløkka, Oslo

Founder Mat travelled to Oslo to explore a majestic city known for its clean energy, outdoor lifestyle and overpriced booze. What he discovered was an area buried within the city with a different aesthetic entirely.


Hidden in the centre of Oslo is the ‘hipster district’ of Grünerløkka, known locally for its graffiti, strong political views and cult nightclubs. Club Blå is just a kilometre away from the capital’s sharp buildings, minimalist boutiques and Tesla cars, yet it feels like you’re standing in a completely different city.


“I was genuinely surprised to discover a Shoreditch type area within walking distance of some truly iconic minimalist architecture. I guess every city has a creative quarter, but I didn’t expect to find Oslo’s quite so easily.” - Mat, M-24 Founder


Oslo river near Bla
Graffiti with bench and bag
m24 bags visit oslo
Bla, Norway
graffiti norway,
We think you’ll agree that our SNUB-23 x M-24 collaboration bag looks right at home in this edgy part of town.
Credit: Max White