JP Cooper - September Song...featuring M-24

marzo 07, 2017

JP Cooper - September Song...featuring M-24

The 15 million view conversation 


Friend of M-24: “I didn’t realize you had started to dabble in product placement?”

Mat (M-24 founder): “Huh?”

F: “The JP Cooper video…”

Mat: “Have you been drinking?”

F: “Your bag is in JP Cooper’s September Song video… You didn’t know about this?”

Mat: “Huh?”

F: “Dude, it’s been viewed 15,000,000 times”

Mat: *stunned silence*

As a small startup one of our biggest challenges face is spreading the word about our brand and products. It takes time, a lot of effort, and, if you’re not careful, can suck away your cash as efficiently as that latest jet-powered Dyson super vacuum. So finding out one of our bags was a main feature in a music video that has already been viewed 15,000,000 times was, well, quite a nice surprise...

We don't know who bought the backpack so get in touch if it was you! The bag is a limited edition and is similar to our current STORM COLLECTION. 

The fact that it's worn by a rule breaking, free running bad ass legging it from the police - even better.

And just incase you missed the video..... happy gazing