Spring cycle to Shere

mayo 04, 2020

Spring cycle to Shere

26th April 2020

Making the most of the beautiful weather by biking to Shere! We have no excuse not to be making the most of our daily exercise on a sunny Sunday. 🌞🌞🌞

Having recently purchased two road bikes, we have been building up our saddle stamina on shorter rides most evenings for the last couple of weeks. We felt confident we would then be able to get our arses to Shere and back.

We have heard a lot about the village from friends locally, who use the surrounding roads and lanes as their go-to cycle circuit, or have visited the charming pubs and eateries there for an extra special date night. Not to mention, Shere’s celebrity status, having featured in three major films, three years on the trot…all classic rom-coms of course <3 …2004’s Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason, 2005’s The Wedding Date and perhaps most famously, 2006’s The Holiday. It sounds like to be a resident of Shere, you have to have a high tolerance of film crew invasions as well as keeno cyclists!


two specialized bikes on a hedge


Interesting find: The Holiday is a top Christmas movie and as such, I was keen to see for real, Iris’s quintessentially British country cottage (called Rosehill Cottage in the film). I googled it’s exact location, so that a photo break could be incorporate into our cycle route, and was surprised to find that the exterior was built just for the movie and the interior scenes filmed on set!

Despite no Rosehill Cottage, I still had high expectations of this Surrey town and I am pleased to report I was not disappointed.

We were packed up and ready to go with all the gear and little idea, the @M-24 products put to good use again!


Duck on the grass at shere

The closer you get to Shere, the more pretty the roads become. For the last few miles, we were cycling along country lanes through a tunnel of trees. The new spring growth makes everything look so green, enhanced by the sun shining through the leaves 😊. The lack of cars sharing the roads was also great, the only traffic being other cyclists that we passed (or more accurately, were overtaken by 😳).


m24 backpack and bikes on the grass in shere

The breaks were tested dropping down into Shere (some steep decents!), before you get to the River Tillingbourne and the village centre. We stopped to refuel on a grassy river bank in the sun, taking in the scenery and making friends with the local wildlife. The village centre is small but incredibly pretty, with plenty of property just as characterful as Rosehill cottage.

Would 100% recommend visiting this little beauty!