The back to uni backpack conundrum

August 11, 2017

M-24 backpack in the stairwell.

Choosing the right backpack for university is tricky. It will go everywhere with you: seminars, lectures, weekends back home, weekends seeing friends at universities in other cities, and even the occasional night out.

You need a bag that’s versatile – one that can withstand the long, wet winters, the spilt beer and the weight of your laptop and textbooks – but perhaps more importantly, it needs to be unique to you.

Your university experience is as much a journey of self-discovery and independence as it is education and academia. Everyone is vying for an identity of their own. But herein lies the problem: how do you pick a practical but stylish rucksack that every Tom, Dick, and Harry doesn’t already have?

Well, look no further. Each M-24 medium backpack, large backpack and weekend duffle bag is not only tough as nails, but also completely unique. All of our products are upcycled from handpicked lorry tarpaulins, meaning the make-up of your bag cannot be replicated.

And when it comes to strength and versatility, they don’t come tougher than an M-24 bag. Mat, M-24’s Founder, started the company because he was sick of replacing bags whilst at university. The tarpaulins we salvage from disused lorries have lived a life hurtling all over Europe, transporting tonnes of cargo over thousands of miles of tarmac. Rest assured that your cumbersome textbooks are child’s play for our bags. Stuff them under chairs in lectures, toss them in nightclub cloak rooms, use them for goalposts – do what you like with them. Our bags are built for every eventuality. And what’s more, every bag comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So there you have it: the solution to your back to uni backpack conundrum.